Finding Aids


  1. Hi, Do you have any information on St. Joseph School in Salem, NH? We are approaching our 60th anniversary and would like to know more about the first twenty years. Thank you!

    • Yes, I do. I’ll contact you by email with the information.

  2. Do you have any information, including yearbooks, on Our Lady of the Presentation Academy in Newton/Brighton MA? I went to school at St. Mary’s of the Annunciation in Cambridge MA graduating in 1951. I have several photos from that time including a picture of the graduating class with Msgr. Burke. If you would like I could e-mail copies. I am most interested in finding a copy of the 1957 yearbook for Our Lady’s.

    • Dear Ron,
      I have very limited records for Presentation Academy and no yearbooks. The records I have come from the convent and parish–anniversary booklets, etc. I’m sorry the records were not transferred to the archives. You might try looking on Ebay for yearbooks. Sometimes they can be found there. I wish you the best in your search.

  3. Thank you for your response. I have been looking for the yearbook for two years now without any luck. I will keep looking.

  4. Might you have any information on Sister Timothy Julie, formerly of St Mary’s in Lynn, MA somewhere around 1960-65? Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Dear Donna, Sr. Timothy Julie left the SNDs in 1973. I have no contact information on her.

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